A downloadable game for Windows

Single Player / Local Multiplayer Versus game about wrangling cube animals back into their pen.

In single player mode work to score as many points as possible before the time runs out by having as many animals in your pen at the end of the timer as possible.

In Versus mode work against another player to wrangle and steal to make sure you have the most points come the end of the day.

You can use the horn to scare animals away from you pushing them away from your rivals and into your own pen.

Pickup animals to drag them to your pen but be warned - You can't jump and move slower until you let them go!

Tested using wired Xbox one controller, Wireless Xbox 360 controller and Keyboard and Mouse.

The input library used occasionally bugs out and swaps the triggers of two connected controllers. This appears to be a bug within Unity itself. Changing which controllers are plugged in when the game starts can fix this (e.g I have to plug in the Xbox one controller before booting and the wireless 360 after).

Designed for 16:9 Aspect Ratio


A / Spacebar - Jump

Left Trigger / R - Sound Horn (Scare animals around you away once every 3 seconds)

Right Trigger / Left Shift - Pickup

Left Joystick / WASD / Arrow keys - Move

Right Joystick / Mouse - Rotate Camera

Third Party Attribution:

A few third party unity assets were used from the unity store and web.

All assets are licensed for commercial use without attribution but are mentioned here for clarity.

  • Comic Andy Font - Global game font
  • UnifiedInputManager - Paid Unity Asset for help mapping to multiple controllers. Modded to support mouse as a joystick binding. Does not provide controller selection code that was written by me.
  • LowPolyAssetPack - Assets used for fences and scenery in-game
  • Farland Skies - Cloudy Crown - Used for Skybox material
  • Axey Works Low Poly pack - Used for there colour material presets


CubeWranglersWindowsx64 13 MB